SOLEIC Outdoor Kitchens of Houston

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Adjustable legs for everlasting level cabinets. No need to worry about rotting of steel frames or wood shims. Cabinets can be free standing or fastened down

Drawers that do not have any bearings or hardware for sliding that goes bad over time due to weather.

Specialized joints that do not require fasteners that will rot over time. All cabinet joints are glued and sealed so the construction has a limited lifetime warranty.

Cabinet door hinges are a high grade stainless steel for easy maintenance and long term usability.

Stainless steel fasteners used to connect cabinets.

Custom fabricated brackets for extended counter/bar tops just like inside your home.

Custom cut cabinets to fit the Grill you want.

Joints that are cut, locked in and glued for long lasting use. no fasteners or cheap connections.

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