SOLEIC Outdoor Kitchens of Houston

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If you want to save a little money and your handy we can do the outdoor kitchen designs and you can do the install!

Come into our showroom and we can show you how simple it is to install our cabinet system on one of the kitchens we have in store.

Our cabinets come fully assembled so no doors to install or framing to put together. Just un-pack the box and have your level, cordless drill, philips bit, drill bit, a friend and your ready to take a couple of easy steps to having your own Outdoor Kitchen installed by YOU.

Step 1. Lay your cabinet on its back with protection on the ground to protect the finishes and push the adjustable legs that came with your cabinet on the bottom. Make sure they are all adjusted fully out then stand your cabinet back up.

Adjustable Legs Installed

Step 2. Place your cabinet where you want it to be and adjust to the height you want your counter to be. This is typically 34 1/2" and remember to account for the thickness of you counter top you will have installed.

Countertop On Cabinet

Step 3. Attach your cabinets together if you have multiple cabinets by using pre-drilled holes in cabinet sides. Fasteners were included with your cabinets. 

Step 4. Check one last time with your level that everything is lined up and level across the cabinets for a flawless countertop install.

For other cabinets such as wall uppers and T.V cabinets just come in and see us and we will give you a tutorial in house with the cabinets we have at our showroom.